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to provide you quality products.

Regis healthcare objectifies quality over quantity. Providing the best and authentic masks, we assure the safety of the people. With proper quality control and standardized manufacturing, Regis ensures not just good health but also the trust of the people using it. Protect yourself and your family from unwelcome nuisance and trust Regis for your safety during this pandemic.

Numbers Speak for themselves


Founded by 2 Entrepreneurial Minds

Mayank Chapanera, a 23-year-old young role model for this generation initiated the effort to deliver hand sanitizers from door to door during the initial phase of the pandemic. As we are all aware of the crisis that occurred due to which health utilities especially hand sanitizers were out of stock and the ones that were later supplied charged more than 50% of the margin rate. Mayank Chapanera on the other hand, sold hand sanitizers at the minimum rate of just INR 30. Without looking at the means of earning or salvation for money, Mayank took responsibility for the situation and requested a decent amount from anyone who needed hand sanitizers. Ankit Soni, a 24-year-old MBA student joined hands with Mayank at a stage where there were highest order placement and not just one product but multiple products that were never even revealed before. Then came the idea of creating a platform to handle all the requirements and make sure that the doctors and other people receive good quality products or everything and anything under one roof forming royal healthcare called REGIS (meaning royal or king in Latin) with MAYANK CHAPANERA as the CEO and ANKIT SONI as the CFO.

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